Sunday, March 14, 2010

Arrival of the Flood

The rapid meltdown brought the flood waters through Catfish Corner on Saturday. Within a couple hours the water had risen and carried with it an assortment of debris and massive ice shelves. Don said there was an ice dam on the Chippewa and it was backing everything up through our backwaters channel.

Our warm temps of 55-60 over the weekend, quickly melted the ice and it seems to be clear sailing now.

I went out on my Saturday excursion walking deer trails with cameras in tow.

I found an assortment of bones--maybe a beaver from the looks of the skull. There was an assortment of ribs and other bones along the edge of the flood waters. 

I walked for a couple of hours and on the last few steps home, found a OLD shed antler by our wood pile. It was at least a year old and all chewed up by squirrels. I left it there for them to finish it off. Squirrels need minerals, too.

As you can see the shed antler looks amazingly like the pine stick next to it. 

Today I went out with Don to the area where he is marking trees for his logging project. I had buckets with me to collect old cans and bottles that have been out there littering the landscape for years. I kept and eye open for sheds, too, but only came away with three cat litter pails full of old tin and bottles.

However, later I found I had a woodtick. Reminds me of a Brad Paisley song.

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