Thursday, October 15, 2009

Wild Horse on Glass

I have been itching to get etching on this particular glass vessel. I had it in mind to do a horse with a wild mane and today was the day.

I am practicing my stage blasting techniques and wanted to use my small blasting unit for some details. However, I found out that Paisley found the air hose was the perfect prey. Several holes were bitten into the line that went to the foot pedal. It would still work, but it definitely needs to be replaced. Thanks, Pais.

I like how this turned out and will be planning more projects as time permits.

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Wanda Jo said...

Why is it cats want to chew that kind of stuff. I had my cell phone charger for one day when the cat chewed on the business end and ruined it so I couldn't plug it into the phone anymore. Is good we love the little buggers.