Friday, October 9, 2009

Moving Day

I had to move the thirteen layers to the main hen house today. The 26 Cornish broilers are over twice as big as the little Gold Stars and I was getting worried they might be overtaken by them. Tough chicks! I borrowed this picture of a mature Gold Star chicken. Ours are still in their preadolescent stage at five weeks old. They still have the remnants of baby fluff and are still mottled. Several of them are quite friendly and will let me scoop them up on my palm and sit on my knee while I say appropriate chickie type words of encouragement to them.

I felt it was only right to take them to their hen house so they can get bonded to their space and the rest of the flock. The Broilers will have only another few weeks with us. I don't want to traumatize those little Goldies who will be left behind after the others are asked to spend winter in the freezer.


Wanda said...

Seriously? Some of those beauties will be dinner?

sherri said...

No, not the Gold Stars, they will be layers. The other hen house has Cornish Broilers, white chickens. They are fast growers for meat. Mature in eight weeks. Hard to believe isn't it? The "Golden Plump"s you get at the grocery store are at about SIX weeks. Scary isn't it?