Thursday, June 4, 2009

You'll be dead when I till----

From the mouths of babes--

Our little great nephew Carter is four years old and quite the conversationalist--this was a provocative statement he made recently according to his dad-----

"Carter watched with apparent fascination while I tilled our garden yesterday. 
    "Someday when I am big and strong I am going to till the garden!" he pronounced.
    "That's great!" I told him.  "I could use somebody to help me."
    "No!" he replied.  "You will be dead when I till."
    I pointed out to him that I might still be alive when he was big and strong enough to help till.
    "No you won't," he responded.
    Apparently he is intending to replace me rather than help me when it comes to tilling the garden.
    It is good that he is feeling better after having his tonsils out. 

We both laughed it off with his dad's comment about him feeling better, but the real message sank in and it was unsettling. His little mind is at work--and Don will be checking to see if he has inherited one of the family "gifts".

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