Monday, June 1, 2009

Our Weekend

We had to say goodbye to one of our original red hens yesterday. She was one of our favorites because she always wanted to hang out around the patio or the breezeway so we would see her everyday. It was apparent her three years on earth were catching up to her and she spent a lot of time just resting with her eyes closed. Saturday the little Benson kids were here to meet their new pony, Emmy, and Paige played with Little Red, and petted her quietly. The end seemed pretty near and Sunday was a nice day to move on.

The pony rides went well--Emmy was so patient and we had many trips around the barnyard with the kids. Everyone had multiple turns until we decided "the pony" needed to rest!  Uncle Donnie was prepared to make grilled hot dogs for the finale until we were informed the kids won't eat hot dogs with grill marks! (I'm worried about their upbringing!)  So we boiled their hot dogs (this will be the last time) and we grilled ours and had a little picnic in the backyard. Grandpa Benson showed up so they got a chance to see him, too. 

After a few turns at T ball, watching inch worms and playing hula hoop, their mom and dad were ready to take them home. It was only a four hour visit but seemed like more! We collapsed in the easy chairs until bedtime. 

It was also the night for a graduation party being held across the road from us. We were informed earlier that there was going to be a band and that it would be going on into the night so it wasn't any surprise but what was surprising was that it would be LOUD HEAVY METAL all night. Real head banger stuff. Lots of screaming and no music involved. I was hoping for country western. I have no idea how Don slept through most of it. I finally dropped off around 2 am and then he took over watch and said it finally wound down around 4. I was pretty much shot for the next day--big party person I am--I can't even stay up late! I worked off my fogginess in the garden by transplanting zinnias. The cucumbers and melon seeds have just sprouted and things are looking good. 

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