Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Sun, Wind and Weeds

Sounds like a good band name! Time has been flying by so quickly and every day has been full of spring jobs to be done. I love it all and this is what we have been waiting for. This past week has been spent doing one of the tasks that I could live without--the weeding of my flower garden patches. I got a whole pickup load of milled bark mulch to apply as I clear out the weeds. So I hope I won't be doing the HEAVY WEEDING again for a long time. If I keep up on it--maybe never! My new middle name is MULCH. 

It has been very warm today--90 degrees for some bizarre reason and I feel like I have been in a convection oven all day for I am as  ".....brown as a berry from riding the prairie..."

Riding? What is that? It's gardening season!! Friend Fran is getting ready to hit the road with Farrah Green (from Aberdeen!)  for five weeks of clinics, events, lessons and learning so I'll be "on my own" with the girls. We have our PATTERNS to learn while she's gone!

The Benson kids (nephews and niece) were here tonight and Cerra was the old pro giving bareback rides. Cade and Carter were the cowboys--our little cowgirl Paige decided next time might be soon enough.

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