Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I Wuv Wu

Paisley has turned out to be such a little love bug! He latches on to me every time he has a chance. His little "squeaky flywheel" chirp is most endearing and he has fit right into the farm routine. He is Helga and Cerra's kitty and he loves to chase chickens and squirrels. He can climb a tree like nobody's business. He has gained over three pounds since he showed up this winter. 

But, the sad truth about Paisley is that he has FIV which is the feline version of the immune deficiency virus. He was diagnosed after his runny eyes didn't clear up after a round of antibiotics. His friends at the vet clinic were all very sad at this diagnosis and I had the feeling they wanted me to put him down right away. I have kept him separate from our house kitties and that turned out to be good because he can't be kept around other cats or they risk contracting the disease. I was buying time to find out about this condition. I left the vet's office with the intention that he could live as long as he wants to. When things turned for the worse we can deal with what needs to be done.

I researched FIV on the Cornell University Veterinary School website and found out that FIV isn't a reason to automatically euthanize a cat. He probably contracted it from his mother and other than birth, it is usually spread by cat bites, scratches, and other direct contact by warring males. He could live for years before he could be overtaken by some kind of infection. 

It's sad that he will have what might be a lonely life away from other cats, but good in the sense that he can have lots of fun just by being ALIVE! And what could be better than just having a chance to be--whatever that may be--and for however long that may be. It's no different than anyone else. 

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