Thursday, February 26, 2009

Thunder Snow

Today started like any other winter day, some filtered sunlight and I was really surprised to see on the 7 AM news that Wabasha-Kellogg school, across the creek (Mississippi) from us, was CLOSED for the day! We went to Wabasha for feed and chuckled with the feed store staff that they had better close now and get home before the BIG STORM prevented them from missing dinner tonight. At this point there was not a flake in sight and there would not be one until 1 pm. I don't know about Minnesota schools, but in Wisconsin if they show up and get sent home at noon, they count it as a completed school day which equals dollars to the district in state dollar support. Which made it feel so strange that schools were closing just on the prediction that there would be snow later in the day.

So that brings me to Thunder Snow. At 1 pm when we started getting our blast, it came with rumbles of thunder which sent the horses flying from under the eve out to the pasture. I was in the studio and grabbed the camera as they went charging past. The snow and wind did their thang and it was over in about two hours. I hope the kids had a fun snow day--even if they didn't actually have much snow--and I hope they don't mind making up for it in the last days of May. 

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coc_parelli said... in MN we got a Early Release...good enough! :) And it is still snowing..I'm crossing my fingers for a late start tomorrow!!
We all thought it was odd when our school declared a early release when snow wasn't even falling yet..but we were happy none-the-less! :)

I'm not sure if the school districts get paid IF we show up..but I know if we have early releases or late starts that doesn't count as a day missed that we have to make up. Thank goodness cause we've already used up our two!

Savvy Out,
Olivia, Cocoa, and Dixie