Sunday, November 2, 2008

Ormson's Visit

Had a great visit this week with our friends, Al and Mary Ann Ormson from Luck. They arrived on Tuesday afternoon and we enjoyed a roast goose breast (wild!) dinner with all the fixin's. Wednesday Mary Ann and I took the long way to Stockholm where we had to visit some of our favorite haunts. We strolled Abode Gallery, Out of The Blue (gifts) , The Palate  (kitchen/cooking) and Mary 
Ann came out with a jar of honey, a clump of blue cheese and a pretty container for some weeds!  

We ate out at the Backwaters in Nelson Wednesday evening. They have a fun "all you can eat" shrimp night and it is really good! We came away stuffed as usual. By Thursday morning they were on their way and we have the memory of good friends and good cheer. 

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