Monday, March 31, 2014

Day Before April Fools

A BEAUTIFUL day at Catfish Corner! The snow and ice is receding and the horses are happy, the dog is happy, the chickens, and the humans!! The grip of winter will probably try to make a last stab or two, but this weekend and today has been proof that there is, indeed, an end in sight.

It was a great winter for painting and creativity. I loved every day of it, other than the days my hands froze so bad I thought I might faint. The STU DI O was a happy place to spend winter. Donnie made lots of suet feeders of his own special design which was a special event every time he was out there with our Maggie. It's fun to have our happy family together in another location other than in front of the fireplace. Paisley, the shop cat, loved all the extra attention. 

The walls are covered with new art, old art, and the CLUTTER is overtaking!! This is the no-holds-barred look at the world of an artist. The place is a mess but it's a comfortable, come-on-in kind of discombobulation. 

This is my world....and welcome to it. 

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