Wednesday, October 2, 2013

More Stained Glass.....

It's been a very productive summer out in the shop. And right now lots of new glass is being placed at The Store, in Menomonie, and also to the White Oak Gallery in Alma for the fall season.
I really love the warm autumn colors and I am constantly trying to find new color combinations that are fresh and exciting.

It's not 50 shades of blue, but 8 or nine for sure! 

Panels for kitchen cabinets. The long narrow shape made traditional stained glass techniques less desirable. These were done with individual copper motifs that I cut out and distressed then glued directly to the opal pale amber glass. The barbed wire was created with copper wire twisted with the barbs just like the real thing only in miniature. 

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Sandy McClay said...

Hi Sherri!
Long time no talk! lol I sure LOVE these fall pieces, and I will take about half of those gourds please...can you mail them? lol I will not be home this fall, but I should be there this spring, I still so want to meet you and yours....horses included!
Love, your cousin, Sandy