Sunday, June 9, 2013

The Store

I had not seen or heard from friend, Sandra Gilbert, for months! What was going on? I finally caught up with her at the Refuge Farms breakfast and learned she has opened THE STORE! Refuge Farms held an annual yard sale for several years and with all the donations came the problem of what to do with items that didn't sell. a store!

Main Street Menomonie, WI, now has a great new shop for high quality used and new items. The former department store next to the existing antique shop was available for rent and Sandy took advantage of the opportunity to have a place to sell the wonderful goods she has had donated, and also to rent out 10x10 booths to other sellers.

This is where it got even more interesting for me. Would there be room for me to rent a little spot to sell my wares? I have been making stained glass and art all winter and it would be great to have a place to put it. It turns out it's the perfect solution for the basically lazy me who would have NO interest in having a store again. Yes! I could have a spot. But not just any spot. She thought I should have 25' of the FRONT WINDOW! Yay! The glass shall sparkle and a silly idea of having a retail store just presented itself.

Things moved quickly as I gathered up what display pieces I had saved from my Studio Works days. Within two weeks I was set up and having fun with my new little enterprise.
Sandy's motto for the Farm is "Horses Helping" in this case it helps me, as well as another seven sellers, to have a slice of a retail presence. In turn the helping also goes to the horses as all donations to Refuge Farms are sold to benefit the horses in her care. 

The Store, as it is called, is an extension of THE FARM, so the name just stuck as the logical choice. Where else can you find quality used furniture, antiques, vintage linens, collectibles from primitives to fine china and everything in between? At The Store!
SherriStudio jewelry display at The Store

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