Monday, October 3, 2011

Art Week

I borrowed this from a fellow artist because it is so TRUE and reflects the mood of this busy week leading up to the Art Tour weekend.

I am so excited about the tour this year. This is the first time I will have prints available of some of my current works. Gail Pommerening did a beautiful job on the first artist proofs of five of my originals.

The artist proofs are the first prints that will be the precursor to an actual edition of prints. This is where the colors are set and each print is scrutinized as being the most exactly to match the original. Gail has invested in the giclee technology that can do this and is a master at manipulating the image. A giclee print is created from an archival printer that has 12 ink jets that applies ink dots of archival ink to create the image. The result has a beautiful matte texture and is especially suited to reproducing my pastel works. However----a print is still a print! It is not an original. But it's as close as the process can achieve and I think the result is beautiful.

I will also be displaying:

      Over 30 original works in oil and pastel

      Dozens of stained glass panels 

      Multistrand necklaces, earrings and bracelets

      Hurricane lamps

      Seasonal Ornaments - angels, snowmen, etc.

      and I'll have the Gourd Fest --- which will benefit Refuge Farms! (Wait until you see the  SNAKE GOURDS! They are awesome and not scary at all!)

To top it all off --- Jan Brunkow is the Guest Artist! She paints on silk and has GORGEOUS framed silk paintings as well as beautiful WEARABLE scarves. Jan will also have framed watercolors and note cards available.

The weather is going to be gorgeous so it will be a great weekend to hit the road, see the colors and some great art along the route.

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