Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Beaten, Bruised, Battered.....Dipped and Fried

Such was my experience at the Wings Over Alma trail ride last Saturday. Of the 26 riders who took the trek into the fine city of Alma, I had the naughtiest horse. How embarrassing!

She hasn't been a naughty trail horse before, so I was surprised by her adrenalized behavior. She looks so innocent in this picture!

It was quite another picture when she was tearing me through tree branches (they don't taste as good as they look), running up hills and pushing past other horses.

Once in Alma, we tied up on the picket line next to the railroad tracks while we had refreshments at the Center. During that time I think there were three freight trains and one barge that went by and all the horses had a big training session with loud sounds. That picket line was swaying! If we had been there for the day, all would have gotten very used to the experience.

She didn't calm down all day--the way back was even hairier than the trip there. An emergency dismount as she was pointing me into head-high branches got me a excellent score from my riding buddies as a good call to evacuate. The landing, however, sent me rolling.

No damage! Yay! Naughty horse was remounted and down the hill we went. Upon arriving in the meadow in sight of the end of the trail, some of the rest of the group decided to take another half-hour loop until dinner. Noooooo thank you! I've had enough for one day. I've been beaten, bruised, battered, dipped and fried! Stick a fork in me, I'm DONE!

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