Thursday, February 10, 2011

Portrait of a Laddee

I think I have finally gotten this to a good stopping point. It took a few days of living with the original version to decide on what the background should be.

Whether to have a background or not was the first question and secondly was how to render it. The great part of making art is the magic..... starting with a nub of an idea and finding it takes you some place you didn't know was going to exist as the outcome. My solid blue background suddenly didn't seem as exciting as her aura! After days of "thinking" about what to do, it took just minutes to let the real solution present itself.

Sandy Gilbert and I have had emails back and forth as we have discussed Laddee, her voice, and how she was influencing how this was going to turn out. With Sandy's knowledge and input of the fine Laddee, there was some tweaking so I could get it! We finally arrived on the notion that this version is her "other side" portrait where she is restored, happy and healthy.