Sunday, August 22, 2010

Goodbye Fine Fellow

Little Jackie's life ended in the wee hours of Friday morning. He had been steadily declining this summer and even with recent daily fluids he couldn't go on. I didn't serve him well by letting him linger and for that I hope I will be forgiven. It was through my own selfishness that I just wasn't dealing with the severity of his illness. I always think I can make things better but such was not the case this time.

I'll miss his super soft "rabbit fur" and his quiet ways. He was my shy guy--who only recently came out of his secret world to join us in a way he hadn't before. I am so thankful he could share himself and be comforted in the final weeks of his life. 


Sandy said...

I am sorry for your loss...I got that way with my 24 year old mare, she foundered and bowed both of her flexor tendons but I put hundreds of dollars into her before I could say goodbye....I understand and yes, they forgive us......

Laura said...

It's always hard to lose a pet. I hope you get through it okay! Best wishes!