Sunday, May 9, 2010

Only Four Days Left

The final preparations will be made to set up the barn and studio for the Fresh Art Spring Tour this weekend. I hope we have good weather, but not so nice that everyone wants to stay home and play in their own gardens.

It's called a garden tour, too, but I don't have much going in the garden department this time of year. The tulips and daffodils I planted when we first moved here have run their course and I need to plant new bulbs this fall. (I think I was doing the Fall Tour when it was bulb planting time!) There's nothing like seeing a bright dash of color in the early spring.

Our lilacs are in bloom and a couple little peony bushes have blossomed. Maybe the irises will open for the event. So far my reblooming irises have been neverblooming. But there are buds there now so there is now hope. I'm just happy the shrub roses and lavendar survived the winter. Still no sign of the Hardy Hibiscus, but I'm guessing that one to be a late emergent.

Back to the glass art: I have been working on a number of pieces, but in my mind, I always wish I could have completed more. It's sure a lot slower than in "the old days" when I had a shop full of eager "studio elves" to help make my dreams come true---quickly! I have a new tulip fan lamp and a new style lantern-style accent lamp that is made of a very interesting Bullseye glass.

I'll also have two new pastels of Catfish Corner this time. "Storm Passing" and "Late Winter" will be featured.

More photos to follow! But better yet, follow your map to Site 12 -- Sherri Studio at Catfish Corner.

The Donald is out there tonight trying his hand with the fishing rod, so maybe we will be having a Fish Fry at Catfish Corner later!

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Wanda said...

Love these new items, not sure I'll get down there, but it is on my calendar.