Sunday, December 27, 2009

Notice Anything New Dear?

I have been fiddling around with updating my contact lenses since the middle of October. The bifocal feature of the new contacts was actually good, but the wearability wasn't. What's the point if you can't put 'em in and go all day without a hassle? I'm getting too aged to have the patience anymore to put up with annoyance. So I gave up after the 60 day trial period and opted to get a new pair of glasses instead.

I was pretty excited they showed up so fast, in a daring color, on Christmas eve. I put them on and just waited for the rave reviews from Don.

Four days later.......I'm still waiting. He has to notice, doesn't he? He knew they were coming. I have sat directly in front of him and batted my eyelashes and......nothing. I realize I could have just SAID something, and I almost did many times, but now it's just tickling my weird sense of humor. He does know, and doesn't like them, but doesn't want to mention it? Do I know? Very interesting especially since about a week ago, he asked me to "Wait. Come here. What's that thing on your neck?"

"It's called an AGE SPOT!" Thanks for picking up on that, sweets.

I suppose he will eventually read this post and say he knew all along, but, in the meantime I find it interesting that he hasn't noticed I look just like Sarah Palin.

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