Friday, November 27, 2009

Seasonal Scene

Mr. Anderson donned his blaze orange and headed down to Catfish Corner in pursuit of the Mr. Mossback last Sunday morning.

We have seen several deer in "the grove" and had the treat to see a doe with her youngster in tow sniffing a scrape. It was just a minute or two when the little one ran off in a big hurry. Mother continued sniffing.

Enter a HUGE buck to meet the missus and he was impressive! Don and I were in the house watching this scene unfold. We were both in awe and so intently following the ritual that when they trotted off (presumably to consummate their brief love affair) we were both wondering why we didn't grab the camera -- or -- oh, yeah, -- I guess Don could have found his rifle. (If he were at all interested in THAT part of the hunt!)

We are pretty sure this doe and fawn are the same ones who have been up by the barn eating the pumpkins and leftover chicken grains. Such a tiny fawn and mom isn't much bigger.

A couple days have passed and this evening we saw a group of four does in the grove with the little fawn in tow. Those four crossed the creek but for some reason the little one went off in the opposite direction.

I hope you find your mummy, little one.

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